About the company

Kronos is a contemporary dance company, founded in 2016 by Ornilia Ubisse.

Since then, the company has produced “Memories from Nowhere”, “Motherland” “Kollektiv”,

“Fabulas” and is currently working on “ECSTASY”.

Ubisse finds inspiration to her work in personal and collective exposure to suffering. Domestic,

social and historical injustice and oppression. In a parallel angle, she explores and gives space to

celebration of her ancestors dance – the dance she sees and feels as a personal and cultural heritage.

The combination of african rhythms and contemporary dance, giving birth to a dance vocabulary

that she explores with Kronos Dance Company.

The company consists of movers/performers exploring basic human aspects, which exists beyond

words and are therefore comprehended regardless of culture, language or geographic/biological


Kronos dancers have as a main focus, to connect with the untrained and the unpolished that lies

hidden and forgotten somewhere within themselves. They give it room, allow it to be and to express

itself through movement, rhythm, singing and chanting.

Their work varies from indoors performances, site specific and workshops.